The Footy Show


Mid way through the 2017 AFL season, The Footy Show underwent a major revamp and JamTV collaborated with Channel 9 to give the updated show a fresh new look. 

My involvement entailed coming up with a new logo, a looping background, and team clashes, as well as a number of smaller miscellaneous projects.


It was a daunting task, redesigning the logo of such an iconic show that has been on air nearly as long as I've been alive. Initially the only constraint I was given was that the iconic illustration of Jack Dyer be kept, so I came up with a broad range of concepts, exploring different fonts, colours, and designs to see what best suited the new look show. From these early concepts it was decided that a nod to the era when Eddie McGuire was last host on the show was appropriate, leading eventually to the final design seen on the show:

The 2017 AFL Footy Show Logo


The background loop was a key piece of the updated graphics for the show. Displayed prominently on set and incorporated into many other graphics, it was important in setting the visual tone of the show and establishing visual motifs that could be used in other graphics to create a cohesive and integrated graphics package.

The Footy Show background

Team Clashes

These big, bold animations really capitalised on the giant new screen that was part of the set redesign. By creating one design that fitted both the main screen and the desk screen I was able to halve the number of renders required each week.

The Footy Show Team Clash