About Me

In a nutshell I'm a designer and animator from Melbourne who wants to help!

More specifically, I want to help sports teams, gamers, streamers, media companies and related brands to engage and communicate with their audience via bold and exciting graphics. Bonus points if it contributes to a better world.

I’ve been working as a designer and motion graphics artist for over seven years. In that time I've been fortunate enough to work on projects across a variety of mediums, from small personal projects to big-budget TV shows that have been watched by millions of people.

I got started as a kid tinkering with software, creating short animations, and making videos with my friends. I pursued these interests through high school and into a Bachelor of Film & TV where I studied design, storytelling and filmmaking, before making design and animation my full-time career. 

When I’m not on the clock you’ll usually find me channeling my inner Kobe on the basketball court, sharing my enthusiasm for tacos on Instagram, or getting geeky (and a little competitive) over a board game with friends. I also write the occasional thing on my blog.


Contact Me

Keen to work together? Questions? Drop me a line at: