Nodefest is a highlight on the Melbourne motion graphics calendar - a one day conference focused solely on our niche industry. I'd been unable to attend last year, so this year I was super keen to get along and check it out.

The topics covered by the eight speakers were wide ranging and included everything from workflow shortcuts to the benefits of collaboration. The variety of topics, as well as the varied styles and work of each of the speakers, provided a broad range of tips, tricks and advice as well as illustrating the diversity present within our industry. It was great to be able to peek behind the glossy work of such talented individuals to see some of their workflows, techniques and how they got to where they are in their careers.

In addition to a bunch of specific notes like shortcuts, plug ins and resources to check out, I came away with a few more general take-aways from the day:

  • Personal Projects: I'd already had the idea of doing a personal project on the back of my mind for awhile, and whilst it wasn't the focus of anyone's talk a number of the presenters touched on the importance of tackling projects that aren't for a client in order to improve your skills and hone your style.
  • A Varied Industry: Again, not something that anyone specifically spoke about in their presentation, but that was immediately apparent was just how many different styles of work and applications there are for motion graphics. It was a nice reminder that despite it sometimes feeling like a very niche area, there's actually a very broad spectrum of work within the industry.
  • Awesome Community: Last but not least, my favourite take-away was simply how great the people within the mograph industry are. From the organisers who put the whole thing on, to the speakers who shared their insights with everyone, to all the friendly people at the after party. It was a great to have a beer and a chat with everyone and swap stories.

Massive thanks to everyone who helped put on the event, and to all the speakers. Can't wait for Nodefest 2018!